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Volunteer Marshalls

Every bike bus needs adult marshals to volunteer their time to help escort the kids on their journey to school.

Typically, volunteers are required for about 20 minutes every couple of weeks or even just once a month. No official training is required to be a bike bus marshal, but we do ask that only confident and experienced cyclists carry out this role.

All bike buses will have the parents or guardians of the children in attendance which means marshals are not responsible for any individuals. The marshals are instead there to guide the group as a whole to its destination.


Typically, each bike bus requires marshals to cycle at the front, at the rear or alongside the group, protecting them from the flow of traffic. Assisting the marshals are the parents and guardians who will form the protective barrier on the traffic side along the length the group.


To volunteer for a bike bus please go to the Bike Bus Directory Page and find a school that you can volunteer for and get in touch via the contact details shown.

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