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George Watsons College Fairmilehead

Edinburgh, UK

Running since: 


23 November 2022

Every Friday


Our Route

We depart Charwood carpark at 8am. We will cross the road when it is safe to do so and proceed down the A702 using the protected bike lane all the way to Greenbank Terrace where we will join the main road. We will turn left to join Cormiston Drive and proceed along Dalhousie Terrace until we turn right on to Morningside Drive. We then take a left into Morningside park through to Balcarres Street. We will cyle along Balcarres street until we meet the queue of vehicle traffic waiting to turn right towards the school at Craighouse Road. The bike bus leader will make a decision based on the volume of traffic weather the bike bus proceeds or everyone dismounts safely and walks the reminder of the journey to the school grounds

To volunteer for this Bike Bus please email: 

Recent Bike Buses

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9 June 2023



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