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How to Setup a Bike Bus

Here you will find top tips on how to go about setting up a bike bus. This information has been collated from various schools which have been successful in starting up a bike bus.

Sustrans has a handy toolkit for getting started and can be found here.

Should you wish to contact an experienced Bike Bus Organiser please click below.

Get Support

Gather support from the school and parents committee for a bike bus. Also, let senior staff at the school know you are planning a bike bus and have a meeting to ensure support from the school.


Choose an appropriate route

Consider north, south, east and west routes for your bike bus and ride the route in advance to risk assess it. (No route is perfect so don’t be put off by perceived obstacles).  Also, use your network and contact any local bike bus volunteer marshals who can help choose an appropriate start point and route. 



Run a pilot

Agree a date to run a pilot bike bus. Invite local volunteer marshals (x2) who can show parents how to marshal a bike bus and also local community police who can ride alongside the bike bus.


Communication and promotion

Set up a WhatsApp or other communication tool for parents who are interested in using the bike bus. Also, consider setting up a web site to promote the bike bus with all the necessary details and email parents (sample template here). Harness the power of social media and take photos, especially if the police are there. Having promo photos of police will give confidence to parents that the bike bus is a safe way to get to school.


Seek Feedback

Seek feedback from the police after the bike bus as they can offer suggestions about the route and suggest alternatives. Also, run a debrief and seek a sign off from the volunteer marshals.



Although it is not necessary to take out liability insurance for your bike bus, some groups that run bike buses have taken out insurance. 


Cycling UK offer insurance with their group affiliated membership.  The cost is typically under £100. 


More information is available via the links below. 

General information on groups 

Group/club insurance 

Insurance documents hub 

Join your group to Cycling UK 

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