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Juniper Green Primary

Edinburgh, UK

Running since: 


24 June 2022

Last Friday of the month


Our Route

First start point will be at the very north-end of the catchment area at Dovecot Grove, meeting at 07:45 and leaving at 07:55 sharp. We will use the Lanark Road cycle lanes to get to Spylaw Park (the road, not the park!) where we will join the second start point.

Second start point from Spylaw Park (next to Lanark Road) meeting at 08:00, leaving at 08:10 (or whenever start 1 joins us). We will then cycle as a single group along Lanark Road before heading down Baberton Crescent.

Third start point if you can come from Baberton Mains Loan up to Woodhall Millbrae, you can join the group as they go up Baberton Crescent. This is expected to be around 08:15.

The group will then proceed to school, where children can be helped to the bike sheds to lock up bikes (parent bikes to be left on the Astro).

To volunteer for this Bike Bus please email: 

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